Bread pakora in Shimla 

During the cold winters in Shimla, hot bread pakoras are the best street food. After all the shopping in the cold I got hungry real quick and I was looking for a quick bite that would warm me up. As I kept walking through the lanes of busy shops I found this small street food joint that was serving the famous aloo tiki and bread pakoras and unlike many other street food joints this place made every order from scratch. It looked delicious so I placed my order and in 10mins I was served. The pakoras were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a well seasoned potato filling and was served with a mint chutney that was spicy and a tamarind chutney that was sweet and tangy.It was hot and my first bite almost burnt my mouth but at the same it was the most delicious bread pakora I’ve ever had and it was one of those foods that kept me warm all through my shopping.


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