Dhaba breakfast in Manali, Himachal Pradesh


it was a cold morning in the month of November and the temperature dropped to 11 degrees and I was craving for some authentic dhaba food. To my luck we had stopped and it was breakfast time and I was hungry. When I got out of the bus and looked over I saw a dhaba and I was so excited. I was all geared up to try out some authentic food. So I went over and placed an order for aloo paratha and some piping hot masala chai. I could watch them make my order and that got me all the more excited. My order was out in minutes and I was all set to dig in. The aloo paratha was soft and delicious and loaded with lots of the potato filling, it was served with a big dollop of fresh butter and a side of yogurt. Once I started eating I couldn’t stop myself because the food was simple yet so satisfying. I took a sip of my hot masala chai and I felt the warmth from all the spices in it. With my first sip I was hit with the flavours of the elaichi and cloves and as I swallowed my throat felt the warmth from the dried ginger. It was simply the most amazing breakfast experience.


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