Arabic coffee in Heritage village, Dubai

During my visit to Dubai i was very interested in learning everything about middle eastern cuisine and one of the things that caught my interest was the Arabic coffee and the coconut sweet balls.

It was a pleasant evening and after a long walk through the Heritage village I got thirsty and that’s when I came across a café and I learnt that they serve Arabic coffee. The seating of the place was just by the creek and that was so relaxing after all the walking around. The Arabic coffee is served in a metal jug and if you’re not a real coffee lover you will be done with just one cup. The jug gives at least four cups and is piping hot and refreshing.

The coffee is light and refreshing. It is not very strong but has the flavours of elaichi and cloves. It’s the sort of beverage that relaxes you and gives you instant energy. Served in elegant small cups, this coffee is a real treat for all those coffee lovers.

These tiny coconut sweets are given along with coffee. These sweets are made of coconut, sugar and elaichi powder and are delicious. They compliment the coffee perfectly and every time you sip the coffee after a bite of these sweets, it’s almost like it refreshes your taste buds.

The overall Arabic coffee experience is something that is out of this world and apart from its nutritional value it is a refreshing beverage and a must try if you’re ever in Dubai.



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