A deliciously good caramello pudding.

What do you do when you have an instant ice cream craving? You go and get some ice cream. So it was this one day that i was craving for some ice cream with some warm caramel. Caramel was always my favorite.So i went and got myself A hot Caramello pudding. That is a bowl of real goodness, trust me.

This bowl of deliciousness has a scoop of butterscotch ice cream, a nice peice of warm caramel cakey pudding and its topped off with hot toffee sauce and nuts. Its like all of those were almost made for each other. This right here is just soulfood and if you love caramel this is your dessert. On your first bite dont forget to grab a bit of everything and feel the warmth of the flavours.

Grab yourself a hot caramello pudding at Corner House, Bangalore and also dont forget to try out their signature sundae, the Death By Chocolate sunday.


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